RideWrap's perfect slip solution ratio

Slip Solution Ratio: How to Mix the Perfect RideWrap Slip Solution

The tight corners and curves found on a bicycle frame and fork can make it tricky to line up protection kit pieces or to get edges and corners to adhere correctly. A lot of these challenges can be overcome by finding the perfect slip solution ratio.

First This:

We DO NOT recommend the use of isopropyl alcohol or any kind of rubbing alcohol for the installation of RideWrap bike frame protection kits. The use of isopropyl alcohol in the installation solution can make it difficult to squeegee out air bubbles and liquid.

Why Use Slip Solution?

Slip solution is a mixture of water and installation concentrate (baby shampoo). It’s used during installation to allow for easier piece placement and air bubble removal. The paint jobs between bikes can differ due to paint quality, method, and manufacturer. This will create differences in slip solution requirements.  Slip solution ratios vary depending on your water hardness, paint finish, and protection kit finish.

What Is a Slip Solution Ratio?

Every RideWrap protection kit and replacement piece comes with install solution concentrate packets to ensure the solution has the correct ingredients. The perfect install concentrate to water ratio may require a bit of experimentation. Below are our recommended baselines for mixture ratios on different frame and film finishes.

Frame FinishFilm Finish# of Concentrate DropsAmount of Water
GlossGloss2-4 Drops/ 0.25-0.5 mls1 Liter
MatteGloss1-2 Drops/ 0.125-0.25 mls1 Liter
GlossMatte1-2 Drops/ 0.125-0.25 mls1 Liter
MatteMatte0.5-1 Drop/ 0.0625-0.125 mls1 Liter

How to mix slip solution

It’s important to use a clean spray bottle. Either start with a new spray bottle or make sure all contaminants in the bottle are washed out before mixing your slip solution. Chemicals leftover in these bottles can damage the protection film and diminish your installation experience

To measure the installation concentrate use drops or a syringe that can be purchased from a pharmacy or Amazon. Make sure to stir or swirl the solution thoroughly to ensure the solution is dissolved consistently throughout the bottle.

Slip solution ratio getting put to work.

Perfecting Your Slip Solution Ratio

Start with our baselines guide and then adjust your ratio based on how the film behaves when it interacts with the frame.

Slip Solution Ratio Behaviors

  • If the film is too slippery use less concentrate.
  • If the film is too sticky use more concentrate.
  • Dilute the concentrate if you want faster adherence.
  • Add concentrate if you want slower adherence.
  • If you use too much concentrate the film will be difficult to keep in place.
  • You have too much concentrate if your corners and edges are not staying down.
  • If the film is difficult to reposition you don’t have enough concentrate.

Think about the speed of adherence when changing the slip solution ratio. The faster the adherence, the less slippery the piece is. The slower the adherence, the easier it is to move the film on the frame without it sticking. Different adherence rates work for different frame finishes. Make slight adjustments to the concentration until you find your desired ratio.

Install Solution Pro Tip

Throughout the install process, you may want to change the slip solution concentrate for different pieces, depending on the curves of the bike. It can be helpful to have multiple spray bottles with different ratios and one with plain water. Plain water will wash away all the concentrate and give the most tack. This may be helpful on stubborn edges or complex curves. Taking your time and experimenting with the different slip solutions is key to a successful installation.