Should you Protect your Aluminum or Carbon Bike Frames?

Protecting your Aluminum  Bicycle Frame

  • RideWraps protective film protects alloy frames from paint scratches, scuffs, and chips.
  • Effective on all types of aluminum frames from road bikes to mountain bikes. No matter the tube shapes, or price points RideWrap has you covered. 
  • Prevents the formation of swirls in the paint from your muddy riding kit.
  • Ride quality increases with the lack of worries about damage to your aluminum bikes while riding.
  • The hydrophobic characteristics of RideWrap’s protective film makes cleaning your bike easier.
  • Thanks to the self-healing properties of our film, minor scratches, swirls, and blemishes vanish with the help of time and warmth.
  • No matter the catagory of your bike, bike frame protection is important from your headtube to your rear hub and from your top tube to your bottom bracket. 
Aluminum bike frame protection on a Commencal Meta AM.

Protecting your Carbon Bicycle Frame

Evil headtube with carbon bike frame protection.
  • RideWrap’s protective film protects your carbon fiber bike frame from sticks, rocks, dirt, and other bikes. 
  • Prevents the formation of swirls in the paint from your muddy riding kit.
  • Prevents chips in the carbon fiber from chain slap and rocks kicked up off of the tires.  
  • RideWrap’s bike frame protection works on a whole spectrum of bicycles. From entry-level carbon bikes to top-of-the-line road racing bikes with disc brakes.
  • There is no decrease in ride quality and a very small weight penalty with the addition of protection to your bike frame.
  • Carbon frames do not take pinpoint impact very well. RideWrap’s bicycle frame protective film disperses impact and can lessen damage to your frame.
  • Frame material should be an important decision of your bike purchase. The decision to use bike protection should not have to be a decision at all.
carbon bike protection the a Cervelo road bike.