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What is RideWrap?

Riders from around the world trade their hard-earned dollar for top quality bicycles. They want to ride hard and they want their products to perform.

There are two types of biker. One gets a new ride every year and then flips it for the latest and greatest. The other find their perfect steed and wants to keep it in perfect condition for years to come.

Either way, riders want their bike to look fresh and stay that way.

That's where we come in
Bicycle Protection Accessories
Engineered for Precision
Rider Owned & Operated

From humble beginnings

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Dan and Callum founded RideWrap in 2018. They are the heart of the company and are always sure to find time to ride, even as our company expands across the globe.

RideWrap is a rider-owned and operated business. Since the beginning, our objective has been simple: help riders get the most out of their time riding bikes.

RideWrap was born out of a need to protect the investment riders make when they buy a bike.

With nothing available on the market, RideWrap created a product to fulfill that need. RideWrap combined a background in precision engineering and a love for riding bikes to build a proprietary system that produces industry-leading frame protection components for all bikes and riders.


Though we always here a tone of surprise when we mention we've got production in New Zealand, or a shop in California, there's no question about it, RideWrap is global! Here's the low down on our international company.

Whistler, Canada - HQ. Our headquarters are based up in BC where some of the best riding (snow and dirt) in the world is. This is where RideWrap was born. Our team in Whistler includes, global production, distribution, local installs, our design team, marketing team, web development team, and our finance team.

Golden, Colorado, USA - Also known as “The Church”, Golden is our first RideWrap location proprietary to us! We opened Golden with the goal of supporting our largest markets better and faster. We also have access a whole range of bike brands to collaborate and measure bikes as soon as possible.

Santa Cruz, California, USA - Shop number 2! Originally a contender for our USA production location, we just thought Santa Cruz was too cool to pass up the opportunity. Here we opened our first Install Shop. With a small team of expert installers and industry connections. RideWrap Santa Cruz is perfectly positioned for fun and building community.

UK and Europe - With customers all around the world, we need bikes measured all around the world. That's where our global Tech Rep team comes in. We're represented in the UK and all across central Europe by our team out there making industry partners and measuring anything they can get their hands on.

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Our Team


Callum Rostron

Director & Co-Founder

Riding: Technical trail guy.

What he's about: Operations extraordinaire. Callum keeps our shops running and your purchases churning out.

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Dan Seguin

Product Director & Co-Founder

Riding: Flow jump guy

What he's about: A tried and true builder, Dan develops products, processes, experiences, and whatever else.

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RideWrap is a rider owned organization.

We've built our team on a shared passion for the sport and for the products we make.

We've taken the time to develop precisely engineered products, getting our hands and bikes dirty to ensure the best protection for your ride and the best customer experience, day in day out.

Our promise is that each and every protection product will protect your bike with outstanding durability, performance, appearance, and overall quality.

Join our Team

We're Hiring

We offer a collaborative working environment where the entire team is dedicated to protecting bikes, getting involved in the community, and learning about all things bikes. We provide access to great industry discounts and offer flexibility so you're ready to hit the trails or the slopes when the conditions are prime.