Installing a replacement piece

What is a RideWrap Replacement piece?

RideWrap protection kits do a great job protecting bicycle’s paint finishes. But, what happens when a bike inevitably takes a tumble? The RideWrap kit does its job and the frame has no chips or scratches. However, a piece of the protection kit gets torn severely in the accident.

Do you continue riding your bike, hoping you don’t hit the same area as you did in your crash?

Do you need to buy an entirely new protection kit in order to get just the piece you need? 

The answer to both of the above questions is no. All you need to do is order replacement pieces for the Tailored Protection™ kit you have. The replacement pieces save time, money and decrease the environmental impact of your protection kit. The only pieces replaced are the broken or torn pieces that are no longer protecting the bicycle.


What is a Replacement piece?

A replacement piece is one or more pieces of a Tailored Protection™ kit, produced to replace damaged or discolored pieces of an original protection kit. Replacement pieces are a great way to keep a bike looking fresh and protected. They restore the original fresh RideWrap glow upon installation. In addition, replacement pieces revive the protection that was lost after a past mishap.

Lining up the tope tube replacement piece.


A RideWrap protection kit’s piece may need replacing for several reasons:

  • Heavy-duty heel rub
  • A crash has ripped/ torn a piece
  • Excessive cable rash 
  • Excessive scuffs and scratches
  • Shuttle rub
  • Peeled edges
  • Contaminated pieces

How to Get Replacement Pieces

  1. Head to the replacement piece order system.
  2. Find your order by way of logging in, or with your last name and order number.
  3. Select the pieces that you wish to replace, add to the cart, and then checkout.
  4. Recieve replacement pieces in the mail.
  5. Remove damaged piece
  6. Install replacement pieces.
  7. WorryLess RideMore.

If you have any difficulties with the replacement piece order system, or cannot find your order details, please contact us.

The Benefits of Replacement Pieces

The benefits are similar to replacement pieces you may need for your IKEA furniture. Without a complete set, the furniture is incomplete and redundant. Once the set comes together only, then is the furniture functional. The same concept applies to a bicycle. If your bike is not fully protected, it still has the potential for damage, scuffs, scratches, or chips. If this were to happen, it could devalue your bike’s resale value and it won’t look as good in the interim. Odds are it’s in your best interest to keep your bike protected.