What is Tailored Protection?

Specific to your bike’s make model and size. RideWrap’s Tailored Protection™ Kits offer complete protection covering up to 95% of your bike’s frame and fork.

The highest coverage available on the market, the kits are tight to extremities with strategically placed narrow seams. RideWrap’s protection film is superhydrophobic, self-healing, and ensures your factory paint job is safe from paint chips, cable rash, heal rub, scrapes, and scratches.

Tailored protection kits are designed to be model and size-specific. If all the model, year, and size details do not match your particular bike, we do not have a perfect match yet for you. We wish we did.

Our team puts in a huge effort to source and design as many kits as possible, however, there are always some that we have not had the pleasure of acquiring yet. We apologize. There are a few options that we have in this case:

Bring us your bike

Our shop in Whistler is where all the magic goes down, bring us your bike and we will be happy to take our measurements and create a kit for your model. Get in touch and lets make it happen.

Check out our Covered Kit

While we know its not the full coverage of the Tailored kit, we have used our deep library of bikes and data to design these bike frame size-specific kits. We used all the measurements that we’ve acquired in order to design a kit that offers the max coverage with minimal trimming. In addition, these kits offer the most protection by film area available per dollar spent.

Put in a Kit Request

Drop us a kit request and we will A) do our best to source your particular model B) let you know as soon as it is available.

We try our best to continually be adding bike models to our stock list. If you cannot see your model on the upcoming bikes list, there are a couple options.

  • Put a request in and we will try our best to get our hands on a version and create a kit. For rarer models, this can take sometime so be sure to pickup a Covered Kit in the interim to stay protected.
  • Get your frame to Whistler. All kit design is completed in Whistler, the upcoming kits list tends to coordinate with bikes taking advantage of our drop off service. You are welcome to organize shipping or your frame to our office and we will make the kit for you.

Note: We only provide service at the standard rate for current model frames. ‘Current Model’ means that it is the geometry that the manufacturer is currently making. We are happy to make you a one-off kit for an old model or custom build, but the cost and schedule will be quoted on a case by case basis.


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mtb frame protection animated component
mtb frame protection animated component
mtb frame protection animated component
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mtb frame protection animated component
mtb frame protection animated component

Tailored Protection™ Kits

Protect your bike frame and fork. Specific to every make, model, and frame size the Tailored Protection™ Frame Kit covers your entire bike, protecting it from sharp rocks, trail debris, and accidental tip-overs. RideWrap has you covered so you can ride more and worry less.


All of RideWrap’s bike frame and fork protection products are DIY friendly. Our products come with everything you need to complete a successful at-home installation. RideWrap bike specific protection film comes with a 10-year warranty against yellowing. We developed RideWrap film specifically for use on bike frames and forks. RideWrap protection film is the ideal thickness for protecting bike frames and forks. It’s lightweight, enhances the bike frame’s finish, is self-healing, and superhydrophobic. These features give the best bike protection experience on the market.

  • Tailored Protection™ warranty


    10-years against yellowing and cracking

  • Matte or Gloss finishes on Tailored Protection™


    Choose matte or gloss to match your ride

  • Tailored Protection™ is stain resistant


    Keep your bike looking fresh

  • Tailored Protection™ is hydrophobic


    Repels mud, grime, and muck

  • Tailored Protection™ is lightweight.


    Min weight, Max protection

  • Tailored Protection™ is self healing.


    Minor scratches and swirls disappear

  • icon


    Includes everything you need

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Find Your Bike

Protecting your bike frame or fork starts here. RideWrap makes bike frame protection kits for all styles, brands, and sizes of bicycle. Fill out the fields below to find the kit that matches your bike.

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