Hello and thanks for your interest in becoming a RideWrap dealer. We look forward to growing our businesses together.

Before we can get started, there are a few housekeeping items to take care of. Most notably is the review of our Dealer Agreement, Pricing Policy, and Warranty Policy. This agreement and the policies allow us to lay out the ground rules of a successful relationship.

If you have any questions throughout your review, please feel free to reach out to protect@ridewrap.ca

By submitting the form at the bottom of this page, you certify that you are authorized to speak on behalf of your shop, and agreement to the terms laid out.

RIDEWRAP DEALER AGREEMENT – 2019  Please Review Carefully and Communicate the information included to your team.

Our Goals: This Agreement will provide a framework for the business relationship between RideWrap Protection Inc. (RideWrap, RideWrap) and you, our Dealer. Our goals are to clarify our respective responsibilities, to anticipate and resolve potential issues, and to protect and improve our ongoing business relationship. It is RideWrap’s sincere desire to work with you to solve any future issues that may arise. This Agreement symbolizes our best endeavor to let each other know where we stand. We hope that the development of reaching a written understanding will focus attention on our business relationship. Together we can reach a consensus on what our reciprocal business requirements and methods are and develop what will work for each of us at the present and in the future.

Payment Terms and Conditions

RideWrap products are purchased online via RideWrap.ca and payment must be made to initiate the order.


RideWrap offer’s competitive margins on its products in all markets. Your wholesale pricing is automatically applied in your RideWrap.ca cart. If you have any questions, or want to discuss further volume discounts, please reach out to your RideWrap representative.

The Dealer recognizes and agrees to the terms set in RideWrap Pricing Policy which is attached to this document.

 Consumer Warranties and Claims

RideWrap provides an end user warranty policy for its Products, the current warranty is attached to this Agreement. Dealer’s will report to RideWrap any significant customer or consumer complaints about its Products and, at RideWrap’s request, investigate and report upon any complaints.

RideWrap will handle all Product warranty claims directly, and the Dealer should refer all warranty inquiries to RideWrap.

Shipping Errors & Credit

RideWrap agrees that all Products will be shipped in accordance with the Shipping & Deliveries policy posted to the RideWrap support page.

RideWrap agrees that overships, shortages, and misships (wrong product) that do not match the Dealer purchase are the responsibility of RideWrap and must in all cases be promptly documented by Dealer. In the event of an undership, RideWrap will ship the correct product or credit the Dealer. In the event of a misship, RideWrap will ship the correct product or credit the Dealer. In the event of an overship or misship RideWrap reserves the right to organize transfer of incorrect product.

RideWrap Credits: RideWrap agrees to issue payments or credits due to Dealer within 30 days of a request and approval for such payment or credit.


RideWrap wants you to be able to sell our Products in as many markets as possible, but it is important to understand that we may have other established distribution, dealer relationships and/or plans.

RideWrap retains the right to restrict any physical/online, consumer and/or non-territory sales at any time. RideWrap will notify the Dealer by writing of any restrictions. The Dealer agrees to take effect of the restriction immediately. RideWrap retains the right to sell to any customer, dealer, installers or outfit at any time. The Dealer will not compete against RideWrap in any sales competition or offers. RideWrap is actively engaging Riders, Dealers, Dealers, Fleet operators, etc. and the Dealer will remove itself from discussions on request.

 Alteration of Products

The Dealer agrees not to alter RideWrap Products, packaging, or product literature without prior approval. It is not permitted to re-brand or white label RideWrap products.

 Use of our Trademarks, Trade Names, and Other Intellectual Property

RideWrap agrees that the Dealer may use RideWrap company or brand name, product names, images and descriptions of Products, and any associated trademarks, trade names or copyrighted material to promote and sell RideWrap Products in Dealer catalogs, pamphlets, letterhead and email marketing or other promotion of RideWrap Products, including promotion of Products to customers over the Internet and on the Dealer website for the duration of this agreement.

RideWrap retains the right to request modification or removal of any use of their likeness at its discretion. RideWrap will make such request for removal or modification in writing to the main point of Contact as listed for the Dealer and expects prompt modification or removal.


Ongoing marketing in all regions is undertaken by RideWrap team to support the brand and to stimulate sales across all channels, including Dealers. Global and regional brand, product and ambassador marketing campaigns are organized by RideWrap on an ongoing basis to.

The Dealer may use the RideWrap brand and product in their marketing efforts so long as these do not conflict with RideWrap marketing efforts and respect the terms laid out in the RideWrap Pricing Policy. Any use of RideWrap brand must follow brand guidelines or be approved by RideWrap. It is important to communicate the Dealer’s marketing intentions in an effort to eliminate any conflicts. RideWrap retains the right to request modification or removal of any use of their likeness at its discretion. RideWrap will make such request for removal or modification in writing to the main point of Contact as listed at the start of this document. We ask for prompt modification or removal from our dealers.

We encourage you to reach out with any opportunities that may fit so that we can support your shop and market!

Confidential Information

Business partners need to be able to freely exchange information without the risk that the information will be disclosed to others. RideWrap asks that Dealer respect and protect the confidentiality of information supplied in confidence, and RideWrap in turn will take reasonable measures to protect Dealer information. If highly sensitive information needs to be provided, RideWrap may ask that the Dealer sign a separate Non-Disclosure Agreement.

Ownership of Intellectual Property and Copyright

This agreement does not supersede nor void any existing non-disclosure and confidentiality agreement(s) between RideWrap and the Dealer and will only serve as additive to the clauses in said agreements. RideWrap products, designs, literature, images, copyright material, trademarks, descriptions, and other IP are solely owned by RideWrap and are not to be recreated or copied.

Indemnification of RideWrap by the Dealer

RideWrap is not responsible for any legal claims that result from the actions of the Dealer or their employees. The Dealer will indemnify RideWrap from any claims, losses, damage, or liability arising from the negligence of the Dealer, its directors, officers, shareholders, employees or agents.


In the event that the Dealer does not abide by the rules set out in this agreement, RideWrap will immediately terminate the sale of RideWrap product to the Dealer. At termination, RideWrap will also request removal and return of any brand assets or material. The Dealer retains the right to sell product purchased prior to termination. Ongoing duties and obligations created by this agreement, shall survive any termination.

RideWrap Pricing Policy

RideWrap End-User Warranty