Every Day is New Bike Day with RideWrap’s Tailored Protection™ Kits

Every day is a good day. But, when you get a new bike it’s an even better day. Whether the bike is brand spanking new straight from the factory, the local bike shop, or if the bike is new to you and bought second hand. Whatever the scenario, it‘s the best day. We all love this feeling of unequivocal joy. So why not extend it. Keep your bike looking fresh, while extending its life and longevity with a Tailored Protection™ Kit from RideWrap. 

The Specialized Kenevo with Tailored Protection™

Riding your bike is undeniably fun. The simple act of railing a corner and popping off a curb brings a smile to your face as you journey through the streets around your neighborhood. The ride continues into the park and the woods just over the hill. Where your friends, or so-called friends, encouragingly tell you the trail you’re looking for is just around the next corner and over the next hill. Or was it the next corner and the next hill? These statements test your patience, fitness, and skills. But, it’s all part of the experience and the ride. You hear their words as encouragement and a motivator. After all, it’s par for the course on your Saturday adventure rides. 

Shredding in Panorama requires some bike protection.

Over the course of these Saturday rides, you take a couple of tumbles with minimal harm done to yourself but the kilometers on your trusty steed have taken their toll. With scratches and wear marks beginning to appear. Your bike is starting to look a bit weathered. You can prevent this from happening. You can keep that showroom sheen for longer and be the envy of all of your friends, and your so-called friends. 

With a gloss protection kit to match your factory paint on the shiny new rig all of the scratches and scuffs will only appear on the film. Not your frame’s paint. Plus, RideWrap kits are self-healing. So when a bit of warmth is applied to the film, most of those small scratches and swirls disappear. 

A close up of a Tailored Protection™ kit.

No matter your wheel size or bike frame the protection added through a RideWrap Tailored Protection™ Kit will keep your bike looking great. Not only will this investment (yes I’m calling it an investment) keep your bike looking good, it will also make your bike easier to clean. This draws the envious eyes of your friends every time you rock up to the trailhead with a spotless bike and extra time to chill. This is because the film is hydrophobic and sheds water. Furthermore, the low surface energy of the protection kit keeps the dirt out of the places where normally dirt sticks. 

As mentioned prior, this is an investment. An investment in both your time and your money. The time saved cleaning your bike creates dividends in the extra time you can spend enjoying post-ride beverages or hanging with family or friends. You know what they say: time is money. Hence, investment. And not like those cryptocurrencies.

Tailored Protection in matte.

The second fold of this investment is well, the money side of things. Having your bike wrapped with a Tailored Protection™ Kit is a unique selling point that ensures to your potential buyer that the frame is in optimal condition to continue shredding.  This can give you the upper hand in haggling over price. This allows you to get top dollar for your shred machine. This gives you the opportunity to spend that extra chunk of change on your newest ride, on more post-ride beverages, and even that cryptocurrency stuff. Whatever floats your boat, or wraps your ride, or whatever. It’s your money after all.

Tailored Protection™ range

Tailored Protection™ Kit Mountain

Tailored Protection™ Kit Road/ Gravel

Tailored Protection™ Kit E-Bike

Ride Wrap Features

• Frame Protection Kits come with a 10 year warranty against yellowing and cracking.• RideWrap protective films are self-healing. This means that minor marks and scuffs will disappear with the warmth of a sunny day.

• RideWrap doesn’t like dirt. A low surface energy means that less dirt sticks to your bike and adds 10 Kw.

• Available in either matte or gloss finish, kits are nearly invisible once installed.

• All frame protection kits include detailed instructions as well as installation tools (microfiber, final cleaning wipes, install solution concentrate and squeegee).