Wildfire fighters

B.C. Wildland Firefighters Take On Adventure Race World Series

“This race was a great opportunity for our team to come together and decompress.”

In 2021 North America had a significant year for wildfires. The number of fires hit nearly double the 10-year average, 4,000,000 hectares were affected by fires in 2021. The busy fire season had Team Peak Pursuit Adventure Racing pinned all summer. Team Peak Pursuit consists of current and past BC Wildland Firefighters that recently took up the sport of adventure racing. The team members Benjamin Kwiatkowski, Thomas Hardy, Elora Van Jarrett, Jasper Edge, and Laure Lejeune worked tirelessly fighting fires all summer. When Ben Kwiatkowski reached out to us for frame protection for the team’s bikes we were excited to learn more about the team, the racing, and to see how our product would stand up in these extreme conditions.

Expedition Style Adventure Racing

The type of racing Team Peak Pursuit participates in is expedition-style adventure racing. Expedition-style adventure racing is a point-to-point race that spans multiple days over extreme distances. This style of racing is unique because there is no set course. There are multiple transitions requiring teams to shift between sports. The separate skill sets and knowledge fields required include mountain biking, orienteering, trekking, paddling, climbing, whitewater, and swimming. There is an allotted time in which the teams have to finish. Racers often go days with little to no sleep. Everyone must rely on each other because the rules state; each team member cannot be separated by more than 100 meters. If a team member is more than 100 meters away from the rest of the team, the team faces disqualification. With years of experience working in high-stress and very physical conditions, Team Peak Pursuit is prepared to thrive in these races.

Adventure racing near Kelowna

Team Pursuit

In October 2021, the team competed in the Adventure World Series Expedition Canada. This event took place in the Okanagan Valley, British Columbia. The course covered 400km of rough, rocky, and exposed terrain. The racecourse included many climbs ranging from 300 to 2300 meters. Jasper says, “After a long and challenging fire season, this race was a great opportunity for our team to come together and decompress. We pushed ourselves mentally and physically with unwavering support”.

A frost bike protected from the elements

Their outlook and appreciation for the event show how strong these individuals are. Team Peak Pursuit chooses to protect communities across the country from wildfires. They sacrifice their personal lives, careers, and time for the greater good. The Adventure World Series races are some of the hardest races on earth. These individuals see these physically and mentally taxing races as a chance to decompress. For the members of Peak Pursuit, the time spent racing is simple. There are no lives on the line or communities at risk, allowing them to focus all their energy on the tasks at hand. This shows the strength and dedication these heroes have.

A strong team dynamic, developed after years of working together in stressful situations, allowed them to finish the course just shy of 78 hours. Team Peak Pursuit finished with an impressive 4th place.

Adventure racing bike protection

With the team’s growing experience from the  Adventure World Series Expedition Canada. They are looking forward to racing the 580km Adventure Race World Series Expedition Oregon in May of 2022.