Why should I RideWrap my matte bike?

Okay, so we’ll preface this answer with the suggestion that all bikes should be protected, but in this particular case we’re highlighting the importance of protecting your matte factory finish. The bottom line is that no matter how thoroughly you clean your bike, matte paint tends to hold dirt and stains easier than gloss. 

If you were to look at a matte finish under a microscope you’d notice that it has a similar gritty texture to sandpaper – this is so that it’s able to reflect light in all different directions giving it a flat and muted look. While this looks great most of the time, the gritty texture can also hold dirt, oils, and other fine particulates making them extremely difficult to clean no matter how hard you try.

This is where RideWrap comes in – our bike protection film was designed to be superhydrophobic allowing it to shed dirt and mud with ease. This way you can keep your bike’s finish matte and don’t have to worry about staining it while you’re out on a ride. Keep that bike looking fresh for longer and #WrapBeforeYouRide!