Which RideWrap Degree Of Protection Should You Choose?

Ever wonder what the differences are between our Tailored Protection™ Frame protection kit, Covered Protection™ Frame protection kit, and Essential Protection™ Frame protection kit? 

Degrees Of Protection 

Essential Protection Kit:

  • Universal fit. May require trimming.

  • Protects against wear in key areas.

  • Limits scratches from cable rub, heel rash, and trail debris.

  • Covers ~30% of the bike frame.
  • Covered Protection Kit:

  • Universal fit. May require trimming.

  • Coverage based on bike style.

  • Protects against chips, scratches, swirls, and damage.

  • Covers ~60% of the bike frame.
  • Tailored Protection™ Kit:

  • Make, model, and, size-specific.

  •  Industry-leading coverage.

  • Protects all aspects of your bike frame.

  • Covers up to 95% of the bike frame.
  • All RideWrap Bike Protection kits are DIY friendly. Our kits include installation tools and slip solution. All you need to complete the install at home is a spray bottle.

    What RideWrap Protection Kit Should I Get

    Everyone has their own opinion on the importance of their bicycle’s longevity and appearance. Some are less fussed about the appearance or the damage to the paint of their steed. They only require the essential high-wear areas of their bike to be protected.

    Others care more and want more protection. But may not yet understand the value of a full coverage kit.  Or they have a bike that is not yet in our high-coverage Tailored Protection™ kit library. 

    Then we have the bike nerds, the conscious consumer, and, riders who understand the value of spending $125 CAD to protect their $8,000 (+/- $8000)bike with a high coverage Tailored Protection™ kit.

    Covered protection on the Specialized Turbo Levo Ebike.

    We like to believe that all riders want to get the most out of their bike and make their bike last as long as possible. But that’s not always the case. Sometimes it’s less a matter of whether or not you want to preserve your bike, and more a matter of being too stoked to go ride.

    Luckily for each type of individual mentioned above RideWrap has them covered. RideWrap’s degrees of protection accommodate your desired protection no matter what style of bike you own. With the Essential™ Protection Kit, Covered Protection™ Kit, and Tailored Protection™ Kit you can choose your level of coverage. 

    The Essential Protection™ kits cover up to 30% of your bike frame with a universal fit that is the perfect protection against cable rub and rash, in addition, to wear and tear from riding or transporting the bike. The Essential Protection Kit covers the highest-trafficked areas of your frame increasing the longevity of your ride. 

    The Covered Protection™ kit is an upgrade from the essential kit. It covers up to 60% of your ride. The Covered Protection™ Kit offers a universal fit that will fit any style of bike with minimal trimming required. Covered Protection™ kits come based on bike style: dual suspension MTB, hardtail MTB, road bike, etc. The Covered kit offers protection in high wear areas and prevents paint chips, minor marks and scuffs. This allows you to continue riding worry-free with those high-wear areas protected.

    Transition Sentinel protected by RideWrap.

    RideWrap’s Tailored Protection™ kit offers industry-leading frame coverage. The kits cover up to 95% of the bike frame. The RideWrap Tailored Protection™ Kit is designed and engineered to be the perfect fit for your bike. This kit protects from chain slap, paint chips, minor scuffs and marks, and trail debris allowing you to ride worry-free keeping those good times rolling. 

    Our library of high-coverage Tailored Protection™ kits grows bigger by the day. If we don’t have a kit that will keep your bike protected and looking its freshest, you can let us know exactly what bike you have so we can add it to our list of bikes to find and develop kits for.

    There you have it the 3 different degrees of protection RideWrap offers. Giving an option for every type of rider out there!

    Degrees Of Protection

    Essential Protection Kit 

    Covered Protection Kit 

    Tailored Protection™ Kit

    RideWrap Features

    • All frame protection kits include detailed instructions as well as installation tools (microfiber, final cleaning wipes, install solution concentrate and squeegee).

    Frame Protection Kits come with a 10 year warranty against yellowing and cracking.

    • RideWrap protective films are self-healing. This means that minor marks and scuffs will disappear with the warmth of a sunny day.

    • RideWrap doesn’t like dirt. Low surface energy means that less dirt and mud sticks to your bike. Giving you a free 10 Kw and saving you time when cleaning your bike.

    • Available in either matte or gloss finish, kits are nearly invisible once installed.

    • Frame protection kits are DIY friendly. Check out our Youtube page for pro tips.