Local Lowdown at Revolution bike park

The Lowdown: Revolution Bike Park

Revolution bike park is in Llangtnog, Wales. The rolling hills surrounding Llangtnog are comprised of a clay, silt, and shale mix. The dirt compound creates a phenomenal foundation for trail building and bike riding in the area. The wet winter months in the UK can bring drainage and erosion issues. However, what makes this area special is the geological makeup. The dirt in the area allows water to drain easily, leaving the trails with less sitting water and a trail tread with grip. 

The People Behind Revs

But, more important than the dirt composition is the people of the area. Brothers Tim and James Foster have poured their hearts and souls into Revolution Bike Park. They have been essential from the beginning and have had a hand in every inch of trail built on the land. What started as a dream has now grown into a reality and the benchmark for UK gravity-fed riding. 

In light of the recent news, Revolution Bike Park will be closing indefinitely. We figure now is the best time to release this project to encourage you to get out there and make the most of this magical place before it closes.

RideWrap UK

Earlier this season, Ben Gerrish of Hidden Media joined our very own Brandon Lancaster and took a trip to Rev’s bike park. They met up with RideWrap ambassadors Becci Skelton, Vero Sandler, and Sian Dillon for a day of bike wrapping and park brapping.

Women’s Gravity Jam

Revisiting the same soil that held their first Women’s Gravity Jam Vero, Becci, and Sian are no strangers to Revs. Project Evolve took place in early May to grow the UK women’s freeride scene in a non-competitive environment. We asked the girls what makes them tick and what events like these mean for them.