RideWrap installation tips

RideWrap Installation Tips: How To Use Heat

RideWrap protection kit installation can become easier with RideWrap installation tips. The use of hot air from a heat gun or hair dryer to aid the adherence of protection film can improve your install experience drastically. The main reason for using hot air is to evaporate the slip solution and improve the adhesion of the film to the frame.

When to use Heat:

Heat should only be applied when edges are not sticking and should be saved for tricky pieces that are particularly stubborn. If the middle of the piece is not sticking at all, it is best to take it off, adjust the slip solution ratio, and then re-apply it. Heat is primarily for the edges and corners of pieces to evaporate the slip solution. The addition of hot air dries the slip solution increasing the adherence of the film and securing the piece in place.

How Much Heat: RideWrap Installation Tips

When using heat to help dry the slip solution from the edges of the pieces, it’s important to use heat sparingly. This ensures you don’t damage the film or potentially the paint or clear coat. The objective is to dry the slip solution allowing the protection film to completely adhere to the frame. If you apply too much heat, it can damage or shrink the protection film. If this happens, you can always order replacement pieces. You should be able to touch the frame and film only feeling minimal heat like nice warm bread rolls.

When Not to Use Heat:

RideWrap Installation tips with the pivot shadow cat.

Heat shouldn’t be used for the majority of a RideWrap kit installation. Heat is a last resort for tricky edges and corners. The RideWrap squeegee should be the primary tool for applying film and removing solution and air bubbles. Before using heat, try to use overlapping squeegee strokes, the provided microfiber cloth, or a spray bottle with pure water on the edges to wash away slip solution and help encourage adherence. Only after diluting the slip solution with water should you resort to the use of heat.

RideWrap Installation Tips: Things to keep in mind when using heat