RideWrap @ Coast Gravity Park – Spring Thaw

The spring thaw brings excitement to the trailhead, forums, group chats, and barstools. Rumours of clear trails circulate with the fluidity of a dank meme. As the days get longer and the weekly temperatures go up, we know the coldest and darkest days of winter are behind us. 

Spring in the PNW can feel like an eternity. This year was no exception. The snow line remained low, guarding some of Whistler Valley’s classic trails. After growing tired of the May powder laps, we gathered our team of local ambassadors to shred a private day at Coast Gravity Park.

For some, this would be the first ride back on the bike. The best remedy for a winter spent drinking beers at apres, riding indoor trainers, and smashing pow laps is to get straight back into it. Party laps and high stokes levels fuelled the day. Not even a  couple of second lap crashes could squash the vibe. The thrill of being back on the bike numbed the pain and muted the bent brake rotors. High fives were thrown, hollers were heard, and good times were had. 

Watch effortless riding by, Eric Lawrenuk (Lorny), Matt Bolton, Calum Orr, Ryan McIntosh, Harry Barrett, CJ Hauptman, Mark Taylor, and Marcus Goguen in Spring Time Thaw.