Protect your Bike with RideWrap’s Chainstay Armor

Bicycles have been assisted by chains since the transition from the penny farthing to the safety bicycle. Chains are a necessity to almost all bicycles that have since come forth through the last 140 years of progression. Bicycle racers developed and pushed the bicycles as an innovation to create a safer, faster, and more efficient tool for their trade. 

Why is it that there is almost no better feeling than a silent, and rattle-free mountain bike? The unparalleled feel of a chainless bike is like none other. There are no phantom clanks, clinks, and clunks from your chain smashing against your bicycle frame. Not to mention the chips, scratches, and chunks the chain takes out of your precious paint job on your beloved bike frame. 

What is Chainstay Armor?

The Wayne Gretzky Chainstay Armor method.

As active haters of chain slap and lovers of bike protection, we have developed Chainstay Armor to protect your chainstay and other wear areas from harsh chain slap. We like our bikes silent but we definitely like to have a chain to propel us up the hills and faster down. So we came up with chainstay protection that consists of a 50mm wide rubberized strip.  

Paired with the Tailored Protection™ kits the Chainstay Armor increases frame protection in those heavily hit areas to protect your bike and maintain its strength and beauty. In addition to the added chainstay protection, the 50mm wide strip deadens the sound of chain slap off of the chainstay. This decreases noise and vibrations through the bicycle frame and works on all-mountain style bicycles from enduro, downhill, gravel, and XC.

Remi cornering on his Rocky Mountain with bike protection.

Chainstay Armor Adds Protection

Yes, we know component manufacturers implemented clutches in their derailleurs to combat this exact problem. But even with the addition of that little spring mechanism that impedes chain slap the rough, rooty, and rocky trails of your local stomping grounds still manage to bounce that pesky chain of yours like a group of middle school children in a bouncy castle. Hence the added chainstay protection from the Chainstay Armor. 

Miranda's frame protected with a custom RideWrap and Chainstay Armor

A Fit for Every Bike

With every bike comes a different chainstay. Some people like shorter ones for snappy cornering, others prefer long ones for stability at speed. Chainstay Armor fits all chainstays no matter the bike you have purchased. RideWrap’s Chainstay protection comes as high durability rubber that is 50mm wide and 1000mm long. This allows you to cut to fit the bicycle protection to any chainstay. Allowing for optimal protection and a custom shape.

With the added protection of Chainstay Armor, you can leave the noise and worries on the trail. While your tires silently thud over the rocks and roots that in the past were a medley of metallic noisemakers.

Extra Protection Products 

Shuttle Armor $25 USD

Chainstay Armor $25 USD

Chainstay Armor Features

  • Fits all makes, models, and sizes.
  • Protect your chainstay and other wear areas from harsh chain slap maintaining your frame’s strength and beauty. The rubberized strip is 50mm wide and each roll is 1000mm in length.
  • Wrap up the stay or trim a custom shape.
  • Made with a high durability rubber. Chainstay Armor bonds to your frame with high strength adhesive.
  • Chainstay Armor is removable if needed.