RideWrap Bike Protection Film – By the Foot

US $22.00

RideWrap™ Bike Protection Film – By the foot. For the full DIY’er that wants to get down and dirty with the scissors.

This is a blank sheet of protection film and will require full custom trimming to fit your bike. 




Bike Protection Film – By the Foot

Purchase RideWrap Bike Protection film for your DIY projects.

Read more about our protection film that has been specifically designed with biking in mind HERE.

By the foot film is 24″ (610mm) wide and is available in denominations of 2 square feet (1ft length by 2 ft wide). If you order 10 sqft, you will get 2ft wide by 5ft long.

By the foot film is available in Matte or Gloss.

Install tools are not included. The protection film is a wet install, this means that you will need to use install concentrate or baby shampoo to mix and install spray solution to get the best install. Tools are available on the site here.

Please reference our tutorial videos for best practices.





  • Thickness: 9 mils
  • Gloss or Matte finish available
  • Included in the box: Sheet of protection film in your requested finish