How To replace RideWrap

Press Release: RideWrap Releases New Tailored Protection™ Replacement Piece Program!

RideWrap is stoked to announce the release of our new Tailored Protection™ replacement piece program!

Our new Tailored Protection™ replacement piece program streamlines the process of getting new protection pieces. RideWrap protection kits are a wear-product. They take the abuse, so your bike and fork don’t. After RideWrap has done its job, you can go online and replace the tired piece of your protection kit.

RideWrap Doing Its Job
Taking The Hit So Your Bike Is Safe

What Is A RideWrap Replacement Piece?

A replacement piece is a new piece of protection film that replaces an old damaged or worn-out protection piece. Damage can come from several causes, such as crashes, bike racks, shuttle rub, heel rub, travel troubles, and storage mishaps. Tears, scapes, scratches, and abrasions can damage the film and leave the naked frame vulnerable to future incidents. To combat these vulnerabilities, you can replace the damaged piece of your Tailored Protection™ kit with a new identical one, restoring complete protection to your frame or fork.

Use Gentle Heat Before Removing
Take Your Time Removing Protective Film

How Do I Remove Pieces Of My RideWrap Kit?

The process is simple but requires a bit of finesse. We’ve put together a how-to page on our site with a video and some tips to guide you through it.

Minimal Faff. Maximal Efficiency.

Our new website feature cross references your previous orders and each protection kit’s layout to supply you with the options for the exact pieces you want.

Replacement Pieces Installed
Bike Frame Protected And Factory Finish Restored

How Does The RideWrap Replacement Piece Program Work?

  1. Go to and log into your RideWrap account
  2. Click Products> Tool and Repair> Replacement Pieces
  3. Select from the products you have previously purchased 
  4. Cross-reference the diagram and your bicycle for which piece number you want.
  5. Select piece numbers
  6. Fill out the reason for the replacement
  7. Place order
  8. Fill out billing and shipping information
  9. Kick back and relax. Replacement pieces are on their way.
  10. Install the replacement piece/s
  11. Get back to the trails.