Hydrophobic looking good in the photos

Hydrophobic:  5 Benefits to your Bicycle Protection

Wikipedia defines hydrophobic as the property of a substance that repels water. Hydrophobic molecules are non-polar molecules and group together. The opposite property of hydrophobic is hydrophilic. This means the property will absorb water, i.e (ShamWow or towel). Now that the definition is out of the way. What does this mean for bikes and bicycle protection?

 1)  Prevent mud and trail debris build-up while riding.

Beer keeping the mud off his frame with a Tailored Protection™ kit.

The hydrophobic characteristics of RideWrap protective film prevent trail debris from sticking to your bicycle after kicking up off your tires. The surface energy of the protective film has a non-polar makeup preventing water molecules from absorbing into the material. This hydrophobic property prevents dirt adhesion onto the seatstays, chainstays, and the rest of the frame. The non-polar molecules of the bike protection film repel water and dirt. So, less material can weigh down your bike or damage your paint.

2) Keep your bike looking better for longer.

The hydrophobic interaction between bike protection film and mud prevents stains. Bikes without RideWrap frame protection can stain from mud being stuck to the frame over time. The dirt particles become ingrained in the frame paint finish and are hard to remove. The more hydrophilic qualities of frame paint allow mud and grime to bond to the frame paint. RideWrap protection kit’s hydrophobic surface energy repels the dirt particles preventing staining. Ensuring your bike maintains its best appearance.

3) All RideWrap protection kits have hydrophobic properties.

All RideWrap protection kits have hydrophobic surfaces. This includes gloss and matte products. The universal fit protection kits protect everything from kid’s bikes to e-bikes, all have hydrophobic surfaces. The Tailored Protection™ kits also have hydrophobic characteristics and provide up to 95% protection. All the protection kits benefit from the hydrophobic properties and repel water, similar to the reaction between oil and water. Allowing the water particles to bead rather than absorb into the film.

4) Hydrophobic material makes your bike easier to clean.

Cleaning your bike can be a daunting task. Especially if you have left it sitting for a couple of days and the dirt and mud have hardened to your frame. The hydrophobic surface of RideWrap protective film weakens the bond between the trail debris and the bike. The dirt will simply fall off when sprayed with water, making for a more efficient washing experience, saving you a ton of time when cleaning your bike. For a breakdown of how our employees wash bicycles, check out our article on how to wash a bike.  

5) Looks good in photos.

The qualities of RideWrap film help the bike pop in riding and product photos and video. When riding in mud and rain, the hydrophobic qualities of the film will deter particles from attaching to your frame. The appearance of beading in photos shows off the qualities of the bike instead of a muddy bike. In product shots, the film will provide a nice shine that shows off the bike’s curves.