How Do I Protect My Bike From Scratches

There are many ways to scratch a bike. Each time a bike is moved, picked up, or ridden there is a chance it can get scratched. The scratches don’t have to be big or deep. A minor scratch over time will collect dirt and grime. The dirt roots itself into the paint permanently, causing ugly discoloration of the factory paint finish. Leading to the question: How do I protect my bike from scratches?

RideWrap Bicycle Frame Protection

The first line of defense against scratches is RideWrap Bicycle Frame Protection. RideWrap’s Bike Protection Kits cover 30 to 95% of your frame. The universal Essential Protection™ Kits cover up to 30%, the Covered Protection™ Kits cover up to 60%, and the Tailored Protection™ Kits cover up to 95% of the bike. The use of these products will significantly decrease the possibility of scratching your paint job.

Clean Your Bike

How to wash a bike, lots of soap

The second most effective way to protect your bike from scratches is to wash it regularly. When dirt, mud, and road grime build up on your bike frame, riding kit can rub the dirt while shredding. The repetitive movements will rub the coarse dirt into your frame, leaving swirls and scratches. If you wash your bike frequently and have your bicycle RideWrapped, it will protect your frame from scratches.

Protect your headtube from cable rub or rash

Cable rub and rash can have detrimental effects on your headtube. The repetitive turns of handlebars while bouncing down a trail can make the shift and brake cables rub against the headtube. The rubbing can create ugly ruts in carbon, steel, and aluminum bikes. You can diminish cable wear with RideWrap Bike Protection Film instead of helicopter protective tape. The RideWrap frame protection film is designed specifically for bikes, making it more malleable than helicopter tape. The film bends around the contours of the headtube and the tight corners of bicycles, allowing easier application and adhesion. The use of any RideWrap Protection Kit or the DIY-friendly bulk protective film cut to the square foot is a great option for scratch prevention on headtubes. 

Pay attention to how and where you leave your bike

If you’re trying to run into the store quickly to grab a drink or snack, it is best to lean your bike carefully against a wall. When you lean your bike on a curb or ledge, it’s likely to tip over. If someone walks by and knocks it or a gust of wind creates turbulence, the bike can lose balance and fall. If the bike tips over, it can cause the brake lever to scratch the top tube. Using care when placing your bike in unison with a RideWrap Tailored Protection™ kit can minimize damage from accidents that happen.