Roland GS-24 support & troubleshooting

The Roland GS-24 is a plotter that has full support in the Super Cutter. This means that the system will be able to read the material width to confirm correct setup prior to cutting.


In order to gain better support for the Roland GS-24, it is required to install a driver:

2. Unzip the downloaded file
3. Select the driver for your Windows version.
4. Run setup.exe or setup64.exe (depending on your version).
5. From the install window, select install. Select GS-24 from the list of devices. Click Install.

A mandatory setting to ensure correct cutting is the rotation:

Please ensure this option is set to 90deg


Some other settings that are valuable to consider:

Please ensure you are on ‘roll’ mode


Check this option, by default should be 0. But you could shift those rollers in a bit with this setting for better grip. 

Ensure that the minimum cutting width is 580mm before cutting.


RideWrap Bike Protection Film is a thicker material, we recommend using the highest available fan setting.


Just as a reference if needed. When in doubt, best to start fresh.


Please do take the time to read your instruction manual to best understand the functions of your plotter.


Covering the GS-24 Material Optical Sensors

There have been reports of the GS-24 stopping in the middle of a cut without warning or reason.

This issue is intermittent and seems to be dependent on the environment in which the plotter is located. The optical material sensors in effect get triggered and the machine believes that there is no material loaded, and cutting is terminated. This can cause a frustrating situation as there is no consistency to the problem.

We recommend covering the material sensors with opaque tape such as masking tape. See below for details of the sensor locations to cover.

Front Sensor:
Covered with opaque tape:
Rear Sensor:
Covered with opaque tape: