GCC Expert 2, Jaguar, Puma, etc. support & troubleshooting

The GCC Expert 2 and other GCC plotters have full support in the Super Cutter. This means that the system will be able to read the material width to confirm the correct setup prior to cutting.

The Expert 2 is the plotter that we offer for sale through our site. When we dispatch the plotters from our warehouse, our team does change the settings and check the blade depth. We also dispatch the plotters including 4 pinch rollers as opposed to 2 from the GCC factory, if purchasing elsewhere, it is recommended to add 2 pinch rollers.


Updating internal settings on GCC Expert 2 – mandatory settings for successful cutting.

  1. Download this zip file to your computer:https://www.dropbox.com/s/phefchm768vtkj1/GCC_VLCD3_V2.04-03.exe?dl=0
  2. Unzip
  3. Double click to open the VLCD3 program. The second file is just a support file for the program, dont delete.
  4. Turn on your plotter and make sure it is plugged in. 
  5. From the dropdown, hit Expert II 24.
  6. Click Connect.
  7. Check settings and align them with those in this image below.
  8. Click update.
  9. NOTE: The force setting will need to be checked using test cuts, a setting of 180 may be too high with a new blade (causing it to cut through the backing and bunch up). To check blade force, complete a bracketing exercise, refer to the FAQ on checking blade force. You can always notch the Force up or down for optimal cutting as you go.
  10. We recommend 15 for speed.


Plotter positioning on the stand:

When setting up the plotter on the stand there is some left-right adjustment. We have seen some that are adjusted too far right, making it difficult to align the rollers on the film and the grip section.


Film & Roller alignment:

On the Expert 2 we recommend setting the rollers to have approximately 1/8th of an inch (5mm) between the outside edge of the rubber wheel and the edge of the film. Ensure the rollers are within the white marks, this is the grip zone.

When turned on, plotters will read the width between the inside of the roller edges and report it back to the software. The software will not engage unless it receives a width of at least 580mm.

On the GCC Expert 2, you can ‘game the system’. Set the rollers wide on the left side (not on the right, as the right one sets the origin), then turn the machine on. Once the machine is on, the internal width and origin point will be set. You can then modify the position of the rollers for optimal grip, so long as you don’t turn the machine off, it will keep the width and origin position. Be sure if you are lifting the rollers to hold the film in place so it does not lose its alignment, which is paramount.

Check our FAQ on Plotter Blade Adjustment.


Here is a video that includes details about blade depth setting