Checkers or Wreckers

Miranda Miller is no stranger to going fast.

Her race result rap sheet is stacked with wins, podiums, and top 10 results in both enduro and downhill. She’s a multi-time Canadian DH National Champ and she stood on top of the box at the UCI – DHI World Championships in 2017. But you can read about all that on Roots and Rain.

When we started working with Miranda to come up with the concept for a one of a kind custom RideWrap for her Kona Process 153, we decided to do something that embodied the mantra winning is bitchin’ and reminds her to never settle for anything but checkers or wreckers.

RW Tell us about your bike and why it’s dope.

MM I was chilling, checking out all the geo’ charts on Kona’s website–as you do–and the new Process 153 caught my eyes. The numbers lined up with what I wanted to try–a 64.5deg head angle and a 455mm reach. Say no more!

RW Ok, nerd. What is it about checkered patterns that gets you so fired up?

MM I sometimes focus too much on finding the perfect line, having the perfect body position and I forget to just go for it! This bike embodies the Checkers or Wreckers attitude that I need to have a little more of. It was also born from the joke that I simply just wanted to win SOMETHING.

RW Speaking of winning, how is the race season shaping up for you?

MM The 2021 race season looks promising! 2020 taught me to go with the flow a bit more so I’m not too worried about it yet. I’m focusing on each week of training and taking the time to try different set-ups on my bike and allowing more of my energy to go towards creative endeavours.

RW How do you define hard work?

MM My definition of hard work has changed over the years. When I was working full time (up until 2018) I felt the need for quantity. If my days off weren’t full of activity, if I didn’t send it hard in the gym in the evening then I wasn’t working hard. I’m privileged now to have the freedom to focus on quality, and that has been a cool aspect of training, trying to figure out and learn what works for me. It’s learning about how to push yourself and when to rest. I’ve dug myself into a few pits before and it’s a slow climb out.

RW Alright, enough with the serious questions. If you could eat only one type of food for the rest of your life what would it be?

MM One type of food for the rest of my life? Japanese food.

RW Did you make money or lose money on GameStop?

MM I made a ton of money on GameStop. I’m now super rich.

RW Haha same…. Ok, last one: KD or Annie’s Mac and Cheese?

MM I grew up in a household where KD was strictly prohibited, but I had an older sister who loved it and would get it for a treat occasionally. Having said all that, I’m fancy n’ stuff so I only mess with Annie’s Organic. Maybe white cheddar and some chorizo?

RW Thanks Miranda.