Case Study: Why Protect Your Bike

It’s no secret that RideWrap protects your bike from damage, but we’re often asked just how effective our frame protection really is when it comes to long term use? We recently peeled off a Tailored Kit that was installed a few years back and the results were too good not to share!

Even if you treat your bike like gold, only ride it on green trails, and clean it after every ride, your frame and fork are bound to show signs of wear even after just one season of riding. One of the most common causes of damage is transportation –  Any time you put your bike on a tailgate pad, bike rack, or even in the back of a van, it becomes vulnerable to each bump and vibration on the road. Whether you’re team carbon or team alloy, this friction will take a toll overtime leading to paint chips, scrapes, and other cosmetic blemishes. 

Maybe you’re one of the lucky ones with a killer trail network close to home and you never have to transport your bike anywhere. Even the act of pedaling to the trails can lead to rubbing on the top tube, chainstay, and seatstay which will buff away the factory finish overtime giving your frame an uneven polished look.

Still not convinced that you should wrap your bike? Think about the amount of debris that gets kicked up off from the ground and tossed right at your downtube and rear triangle. It doesn’t matter whether you’re on a dirt jumper, trail bike, gravel, or even road bike, there’s just no way of stopping small grains of dirt, dust, and gravel from getting picked up by your tires.

Still on the fence about RideWrap? Well let’s go back to the bike that we mentioned at the start of this article. This Santa Cruz Bronson has been exposed to all of the above-mentioned and a heck of a lot more. We gave it the RideWrap treatment and replaced the Tailored Protection Kit with a new one. The result, an old bike in great condition with a brand new lease on life!