Can RideWrap’s Super Cutter Software Help Grow my PPF Business?

Can Supercutter Software Help Grow my ppf Business? Yes, we have spoken to several business owners on Super Cutter use and they have all responded positively. Since we introduced the Super Cutter software at the beginning of 2022, we’ve received countless positive reviews from our partners who have used it to transform their businesses. Whether it be local bike shops or automotive PPF businesses, the Super Cutter has allowed many to scale their businesses in a way that wasn’t possible before.

How Did Super Cutter Benefit IQ Film?

  • Doubled bike protection sales 2020 to 2021
  • Converted bike customers to automotive customers
  • Reduced turnaround time for bike customers
Can Supercutter Software Help Grow my Business

IQ Film

Enter Sheldon from IQ Film in Vernon, BC. Sheldon has been using the Super Cutter from day one. We asked him if we could steal some of his time and ask him a few questions about his experience in the PPF industry and how the Super Cutter has changed his business.


Q: What is your business called, and what do you do?  

A: IQ film, and we offer window tinting, PPF services, and ceramic coating.

Q: How long have you been offering PPF services?  

A: Since 2011.

Q: When did you start offering PPF services for bikes?

A: PPF for bikes since 2015, but in the early days we just had a bin of throwaway film strips from cars at the front of the shop, and people would come by with a 6-pack of beer to take a few to wrap their bikes with. Since becoming a RideWrap dealer, the kits have become much more refined and quicker to install.

Q: Have you seen changes to your bike protection business since you got on the super cutter program?

A: Absolutely. Having a system that allows me to print kits on demand has made our turnaround times much faster. We no longer have to wait for kits to be shipped out. This has led to increased sales with customers as well as the local bike shops we work with.

Q: Do you get recurring or new customers, maybe people who wouldn’t have wrapped their vehicles, after wrapping their bikes?

A: Yes, it has. Sometimes people who wouldn’t have thought to wrap their vehicles have seen the value of the product on their bikes and decided to wrap their cars. A lot of bike enthusiasts who have had their cars wrapped, see it as a no-brainer to also keep their bikes protected by an installer they trust.

Increased Revenue from Bike Frame Protection

Suoercutter helping get bikes wrapped faster

Q: Has the Super Cutter changed the number of bikes you see coming through your doors?

A: Since starting with the Super Cutter software, quite a few more bikes have rolled through the door as our turnaround times are much shorter than before. 

Q: Have you seen a change in revenue? 

A: Annual revenue by year: 2020 – $8800  2021 – $19,000  2022 – $23,700 so far.

Q: Do you think other automotive PPF businesses could benefit from doing the same sort of thing as you?

A: Yes, they could, hopefully, none around here so they don’t take our business hahaha.