6.9 reasons to protect your bike

What will happen in the future and why is it important to protect your bike this year?

If you’re like us, then you’re already dreaming about the upcoming season and your mind is full of questions about what to expect this year. Will we be able to trade Zoom meetings for Zooming down trails with our good friends? How about throwing high fives? I mean.. what about beers and tales of battle at the end of the ride? That last one is pretty important, but most of all….
Will we get our new bikes in time for the trails to open?

With some orders already delayed by a year and longer, this will be the year to protect your bike and make it last! Think about all of those opportunities for the trails to leave a mark on your bike. You’ll also need to protect your bike from disintegrating next to your buddy’s hasty packing job during a road trip. Most of all, protect your peace of mind! Riding without thinking about all of those scrapes and dings killing your resale value is a very nice thing.

This might not be the year to flip your bike.

This might be the year that flipping your bike on a dirt jump will be smarter than trying to sell it for a fresh one.

Maxxis Minion DHF
We haven’t figured out a way to protect tires yet, but don’t let that stop you from shredding

2020 was great in the sense that we, as mountain bikers, were able to ‘social distance’ by simply going out on a ride (depending on quarantine restrictions). We also saw a massive boom when the general public sought out that same outlet and escape. Yeah, this was good for the industry as a whole, but this increase in ridership is creating more demand for bikes which is going to be affecting all of us in the future.

Santa Cruz Nomad 5

Maybe you’re one of the lucky few who are already snuggling up next to your fresh model. You’re probably whispering sweet promises of being good to her (lies .. all lies).

I’m just happy to have a bike!

Maybe you were cautious enough to resist selling your bike at a ridiculous markup during this used bike drought.
Hopefully, you decided to hang onto your current rig for fear of being bike-less. *can you imagine?! Either way, one thing we are seeing is supply chains and delivery times are far from normal.

So what should I do?

Most of us know that if your bike is brand new, you’re making a big mistake if you ride it without protecting it first. However, a lot of riders don’t realize that a used bike is just as important to get protected. You’re hitting the pause button on the ‘used bike movie’ that’s currently playing.

How about replacement pieces?

In the case of bike damage, lightning DOES strike twice. Even a bike fully wrapped in our Tailored Protection could be at risk of getting hit in the same location. We offer replacement pieces at a nominal charge, so just get in touch and we’ll sort you out.

Nomad with scratched bike protection
Can this be rescued?
nomad with replacement pieces
Yes it can!

So 2021 might not be as dreamy as we had hoped, but let’s just focus on being prepared. That’s why we created 6.9 very solid reasons to protect your bike and wrap it up in the layer of love it deserves:

  1. Uncertainty
    We don’t know what is going to happen with supply chains and delivery times this year, so whatever bike we are lucky enough to have right now, we should be doing whatever we can to make it last. Adding a layer of Tailored ProtectionTM  is a great way to preserve your factory paint and protect your investment!
  2. Retain value
    The used bike market is up 420%, and studies show that used bikes that look like they are barely ridden sell faster than used bikes that look used. It’s science!
  3. Why mess with a good thing?
    If you are one of the lucky bunch that has a new whip, then it’s a no-brainer… #WrapBeforeYouRide – we’ll leave it up to you to advertise it as ‘lady ridden’ or ‘barely took this thing out because of quarantine restrictions this year’.
  4. It’s Less Wasteful
    By extending the life of the products we already have we reduce the number of products that need to be manufactured. Mining the materials, firing up the kilns, shipping it here from overseas… the list goes on, but it all adds up, and it’s better to make your products last if you can. And speaking of making it last…
  5. Make those memories last!
    Maybe you pulled your first backflip on that bike. Maybe you went on an epic road trip with the homies with that bike. Most likely you fell in love with that lovely thing last year, and it wants to stick around for more memories. Just don’t let it end up looking like a faded memory!
  6. Save your wallet!
    By the time that 2021 dream bike is available to order, there is a very good chance that you’re going to have drooled over the even better and new offerings with an array of component upgrades and new standards. Adding a layer of bicycle frame protection is like purchasing cheap frame insurance. That thing is going to look a whole lot better at resale than if it wasn’t wrapped.
  7. (reason number six point nine)
    Look your best and ride better!
    You just looked in the mirror, didn’t you?!
    Yep, you’re looking your hottest this year, so make sure your bike is looking just as dreamy as you! Science has proven that adding a layer of Tailored Protection™ to your rig will make even a used bike look 69% hotter than before! 
Here is a video of a used raw carbon frame before and after RideWrap Tailored Protection.

So even though supply chains in 2021 are broken and backed up – We aren’t.
We are producing and shipping our bike frame protection from Canada, New Zealand, and Sweden on demand.

If you already had your bike wrapped last year and you’ve got a few pieces that have taken a beating, you can take a deep breath because we offer replacement pieces at a nominal fee. 

We offer several degrees of protection, so if we don’t have your exact model in our Tailored Protection™, check out our Covered Protection.

All of our products do an incredible job protecting your bike and will keep it looking fresh.