Protect your bike from unexpected tumbles

5 Reasons for Bike Frame Protection: Tumbles Edition

Riding a bicycle can be an extremely relaxing and fulfilling activity. The experience of riding down a road, trail, or gravel path can create sensations comparable to drugs. However, accidents happen. You can take a wrong turn, a poor line, or lean into a corner too hard. KABOOM, you and your bike hit the deck. You almost always get back up relatively unscathed, but your bike frame feels the impacts, and it takes a toll. Bike frame protection is essential to the longevity of your bike. The good news is you can protect it from mishaps like these.

The OTB (Over the Bars)

Bike protection saves your bike when you go otb.

An OTB can happen out of the blue. You’re riding along minding your own business, and blam, your front wheel has stopped dead. You flip ass over tea kettle, using your front wheel as an axis to propel you over the handlebars and onto the ground in front of you. The ground is a rude awakening to a once peaceful ride. The often sudden tumble can leave your bike’s top tube scratched by a brake lever, the ground, or your muddy riding kit. We recommend protecting your bike with a RideWrap protection kit to save your bike from the not-so-nice experience of an OTB.  

Bike Frame Protection helps with High-Speed Wipe Outs

There are crashes that you can see coming from miles away. You’re hauling down the trail, wind in your hair, hopping over rocks, and hitting mid-trail doubles. You come around a corner and clip your pedal on a root, the bike gets torqued sideways, and the crash begins. Your personal algorithmic formula has responded in a split second to a known feeling, imploring muscle memory and instinct to avoid an unpleasant connection with the ground. Time seems to slow down every second that goes by as you come closer to the ground feels like minutes. Inevitably it happens, you hit the deck.

Sometimes you are able to minimize bike and bodily harm. Other times, all hope is lost, your fate lies in the mistake meters up the trail. These instincts can prove dangerous as you protect your bike over your body. You have paid all this money for your expensive bike, and now it’s going to hit the ground, so you sacrifice your body. But, if you have a bike frame protection kit, you can prioritize your body as you know your RideWrap Tailored Protection™ kit has your bike covered. 

The high speed wipe out can be catastrophic for your bike.

The Low Speed

It’s the end of a ride. You’re tired and trying to meander home after a great day on the bike. You relax chatting with your riding partners, dreaming about that post-ride beer. Wham! You’re on the ground. You weren’t moving very fast, but man, you hit the ground hard. You didn’t see it coming. These crashes can be some of the most painful. When everything catches you off guard, your bike and body hit the ground with no time to prepare for impact. Lying on the ground, you think, frig, what happened?… I hope my bike is okay.  

Gotta keep your eye on the prize or you may need bike frame protection.

The Slide Out

We have all seen it, on all types of bikes. The slide-out. Riders on road bikes, all-mountain style bikes, as well as gravel and e-bikes all have slid out in corners. The slide-out can happen for many reasons. An unexpected patch of gravel can catch a rider out, sending them sliding, scraping their bike on the tarmac, scratching the paint on the frame, fork, and handlebars. Even at low speed, time sliding on the tarmac can damage a carbon or steel frame. RideWrap protection kits can minimize the damage from these road spills by protecting the bike. 

Mountain biking slide-outs happen more often than on the road. Mountain bike protection can prevent damage to your bicycle and ensure you can continue your ride unphased. The varied dirt conditions can cause differences in the trail tread from corner to corner, making it tricky to judge speed, trajectory, and braking. The combination of miscalculating any of these can result in a slide-out. Tires only want to do one of two things: brake or corner. When both are combined, it can lead to slide-outs or drifts.

Sliding out requires some bike frame protection!

Protect your bike from the Ghost Ride

The ghost ride can be an unfortunate necessity. The act of ditching your bike to save yourself is not an ideal situation. But, it can save you from bodily harm. However, it can be damaging to your bicycle. The bike can tomahawk down the trail coming into contact with rocks, roots, and trees. The ghost ride can scratch, chip, or damage your top tube, headtube, and the rest of your frame. The use of RideWrap protection kits will help protect your bike during the unfortunate event of a ghost ride, allowing you to focus solely on your safety. 

Better watch out ghosty has your bike now.

Bike Frame Protection

All of these instances have one thing in common. The bike and body have both hit the ground. Riders regularly protect themselves from these mishaps with helmets, knee pads, elbow pads, and other protection products. However, they leave their bike frames and components unprotected. These riders expect cable rub, heel rub, and rock chips from everyday riding. But when they crash, they are worried about their bike frame. With RideWrap bike frame protection kits, riders can ride more and worry less. Knowing they have more coverage than stock frame protectors.