What is essential Protection?

Essential Protection™ is basic bike protection that protects areas susceptible to regular wear and tear. The essential protection kits provide paint protection against cable rub/rash, rock chips, and scratches.

The essential kits are DIY-friendly, cut to fit to protect key areas you think need protection, protecting up to 30% of your bike frame.

One-piece protection is available for downtube and toptubes. All RideWrap’s protection kits are self-healing, superhydrophobic, bike-specific protection film. 

Bicycle protection film is engineered from the ground up to protect bicycles. RideWrap is the first and only brand to create a film specifically for use on bikes. Learn more about RideWrap Bicycle Protection Film.

Essential protection™ is designed to protect basic wear points on your bike and shield from cable rub. It provides up to 30% of your frame and may require some trimming. If you are looking to add additional protection to your tailored or covered protection kits or you don’t require complete protection, essential protection is right for you.

RideWrap bike frame protection kits include everything you need for a successful at-home installation: a pre-cut protection kit, detailed instructions, install diagram, install solution concentrate, pre-install cleaning wipes, install squeegee, microfibre cloth, and RideWrap stickers.

Chances are…Yes! RideWrap ships products all over the world. We have production facilities in five countries to support our global community.

Yes, but we also have several RideWrap locations offering installation services. Use our Booking Link for more information.

essential frame protection animated component
essential frame protection animated component
essential frame protection animated component
essential frame protection animated component
essential frame protection animated component

Learn about…

protection benefits

RideWrap Bike frame protection products keep your bike looking fresh. They protect your frame and fork from damage. 

Using RideWrap protection products increases the resale value of your bike by protecting it from scrapes, scratches, and regular wear and tear.  RideWrap protection films make your bike easier to clean. The hydrophobic quality of the film sheds mud and speeds up wash time.  RideWrap gives you confidence to focus on the ride not the consequences. Charge harder, pedal further, and ride more knowing your bike is protected. 

Now get out there, ride more and worry less.

  • Keep your bike looking fresh with bike frame protection.


    Keep your bike looking fresh.

  • Increase resale with bike frame protection.


    Increase resale value.

  • Boost confidence with your bike being protected.


    Focus on the ride, not the what-if.

  • Save time washing your bike with bike frame protection.


    Reduce time spent washing.

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