6 Tips to Improve Your Bike Protection Installation Experience

The installation of bike protection can be a soothing experience for some. The methodical approach to installing bike wrap protective film can almost be meditative. With each smooth squeegee stroke, an air bubble is removed, meshing each piece with 3mm gaps that come together to make a completely seamless installation. For others, it can be a little less peaceful. The crew at RideWrap has come up with six tips to help with your RideWrap protection kit installation. 

Wash Your Bike Before Installation

How to wash the mud off a bike

Have Some Snacks on Hand

snacks that are not greasy
  • Getting “hangry” is detrimental to installing bike protection
  • It takes a couple of hours to wrap a bike, so you will get hungry
  • If you eat greasy food, make sure to wash your hands before returning to the installation

Watch Videos on RideWrap Installation

  • Visual assistance and demonstration help with the installation technique
  • Removal of air bubbles is easier after you have seen how the pros do it
  • There are lots of examples, helpful tips, and fun videos on our youtube

Listen to Soothing Music

Soothing music sheet to help with your bike protection installation
  • Relax, listen to whatever makes you feel good
  • Stressful music can exacerbate issues if you run into them
  • Music can help you get into the rhythm of a bike protection installation.

Do a Check Thorough After Installation

Matt being a model guy.
  • After looking at a frame for a couple of hours, attention to detail can diminish
  • Take a couple of hour break and come back to it
  • Check for any remaining air bubbles or lifting edges

Leave the Bike for 24 Hours Before Riding

It takes some time to install bike protection.
  • It’s hard not to ride right away, but please wait
  • The protection film needs time to adhere fully to the frame to ensure the best finish
  • After 24-hours giver hell